Man of March

TERRENCE … represents the change from the rugged darkness of winter into the deep growth and warmth of spring.  He isn’t just a body shape, he’s an attitude … a lifestyle.  His moody gaze will cast a spell of mystery and intrigue upon all comers, keeping others at bay while he preys upon the innocent for their trust, love, and attention.

TERRENCE rides into the night for an evening of … whatever he wants, and however long he wants it.  He doesn’t ask … he seduces, he connives, he … takes. Whether it’s your deepest secret, your most embarrassing thought, or your too-often broken heart … nothing can be trusted around this ultimate Don Juan of Desire.

TERRENCE … a body shape by fantôme.

Includes copy/mod body shape and styling card for complete wardrobe.

Available for purchase online or in-world.


Vanity Fair

Being out of fashion journalism for a several months, I was delighted to rejoin right in the middle of Menswear Fashion Week 2012, a two-sim affair underwritten by SL fashion giants, Siren Productions, MENstuff, AVENUE, KMADD and

Using the SLURL from the website, I landed directly in a small shop called (PDA) where I got to sample several still-poses amidst of various male avatars plopping in behind me at the rate of one every 15 – 30 seconds. A few of them were slightly distracting and helped make an otherwise underwhelming display a tad more interesting. It also served as a reminder that much of the male fashion market is bloggers themselves (who would require such poses) … and not the thousands of male avatars requiring emergency makeovers.

Deciding to circle around, I hit the KMADD shop immediately … and I was immediately impressed. When I had last seen their mainstore, it was an artistic impression to behold, almost overwhelming their famous shape kits and hair products. Just visiting the shop at MWFW, I made a mental note to revisit the store … impressed that it seems that they’ve enlisted the help of some of their more popular bloggers in putting the styling cards together.

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Hello … again

Easter reminds us that although all things end and pass away, that some things find new life, a fresh start, a renaissance.

And so, in that same vein, I’ve decided to return to reporting on the wonderful world of fashion in our virtual world, Second Life … not in hopes of being a well-known fashionistador who can command front row seats at the latest show, or a ton of freebies afterwards … but to illustrate ways guys can “fashion up” relatively quick without spending tons of cash, or wading through countless shops, malls, and fairs (not to mention SL Search).

Fashion shouldn’t be hard … especially for men … and it isn’t, once you know where to look.  So … come with us again … not exactly as before, but with new purpose and new life.

Happy Easter!

Phantom Republic