Man of March

TERRENCE … represents the change from the rugged darkness of winter into the deep growth and warmth of spring.  He isn’t just a body shape, he’s an attitude … a lifestyle.  His moody gaze will cast a spell of mystery and intrigue upon all comers, keeping others at bay while he preys upon the innocent for their trust, love, and attention.

TERRENCE rides into the night for an evening of … whatever he wants, and however long he wants it.  He doesn’t ask … he seduces, he connives, he … takes. Whether it’s your deepest secret, your most embarrassing thought, or your too-often broken heart … nothing can be trusted around this ultimate Don Juan of Desire.

TERRENCE … a body shape by fantôme.

Includes copy/mod body shape and styling card for complete wardrobe.

Available for purchase online or in-world.


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