Outside Options

During my hiatus from SL, I worked on several buildings during my infrequent trips on and off.  Thanks to a great friend who allowed me to crash in her sandbox, I was still able to log on and play with prims to my hearts content without fully re-engaging into SL life.

Warehouse District was inspired by a small cafe’ that was integral to the communal spirit that initially attracted me to what SL could create.  At the time, there was nothing like what Open Latte at Mill Pond provided, and now that it’s gone, there’s nothing I’ve seen that’s ever replaced it.

This build wasn’t meant as a copy, but another way to create the same thing.  A building that could function as a gathering place for chat, for live performers, for poetry readings … or even for the more common functions (club, retail outlet, cityscape prop, etc.).  Built when “mega-prims” were still something to potentially worry about, it’s been recently updated, with the land impact reduced to 85 prims with the recent mesh updates (convex-hull).

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fantôme … open for business!

fantôme is finally open with five shapes for men crafted by the team responsible for the store.  Besides the two we’ve described in previous posts, we’ve rejuvinated three more that we sold another another brand (we tried various marketing approaches before this one worked), and dressed them up nicely as well.

Come by and check them out at our new homestore, or on marketplace!