Introducing … Shopping HUD, Men’s Hair Edition

As we mentioned last week, shopping in SL can be difficult for a variety of reasons, and although there is never a shortage of opinion on where to find good fashion products for men, there is an enormous shortage of unbiased opinion.  Hunts, fairs, SL classifieds, and even blogs rely on the promoter’s relationships with content creators, and the content creator’s willingness to participate.

That’s complex, and you – the shopper – don’t really care about all of that (and neither do we).  You want access to best stores NOW … and so, we introduce another avenue to make that happen for you …

Our HUD fits at the top of your SL viewer automatically, with buttons beckoning you for a transport to one of the top ten retailers for men’s hair throughout SL.  Touching the asterisk gives you a notecard for the same sites, listing a little critique of each site, plus giving LMs for shops we didn’t include … so you have a full spectrum of shopping choices when making that personal makeover.

Come check it out … the price is super reasonable, and if you visit our location, you’ll see the other two packs released (plus a Man Pack … or fatpack) of the three we are selling now.  You can also view it on our MP store.

Try it for yourself!  We don’t make the best hair in Second Life, but we DO show you where it is!


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