Shopping HUD … Men’s Body Edition

Looking good doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  The best way to find the sexiest body possible isn’t by having your girlfriend IM the cutest people she can find in the club (you don’t really want her doing that, do you?) or having that fashion-challenged friend of yours drag you to the freebie dumps … it’s by using fantome’s MEN’S BODIES shopping HUD and letting it do the hard work for you.

Simply click any of the numbered buttons, and be instantly transported to one of Second Life’s top-ten hottest male skin/shapes vendors in SL!  Whether taking that journey to those or the dozen other vendors listed in the enclosed notecard, you’ll just be a teleport away to the avatar of your dreams!

Available online, or directly in SL!  We don’t make the best bodies in Second Life, but we DO show you where it is!


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