Men’s Shopping HUD – Men’s Fashion Edition

I remember my first “hunt” … I was really excited to get started, looking for clues and freebies, but the best part was finding new places to shop.  When I started SL, there wasn’t a lot of quality clothing options for men, and these new ways of exploring SL’s commercial venues was a great way to match motivated shoppers with eager retailers.


I also enjoy the fashion fairs as well, but often, both can be lagged out – making it difficult to move, especially on weekends.

To combat “event-related” lag, I’ve created Shopping HUDS for Men, and our latest edition matches men with lindens to spare with those that make the HOTTEST clothes in SL.  One touch of a button takes you right to the mainstore of SL’s most creative designers – no more waiting, no more sorting through tons of blog posts to find out where everyone’s shopping.

We’ve also released HUDs for Men’s Hair, and Men’s Bodies (skin/shapes) … and if you look around the store, you might even find a … well, I can’t talk about that until next week!

Check us out inworld or online!


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