Shopping HUD – Women’s Hair Edition

Shopping HAS to be easy, especially for the modern woman on the go.  Using the same concepts as the popular shopping HUDs for men, fantome is pleased to announce their FIRST shopping HUD for women, “Women’s Hair Edition,” which is released just in time for the winter holiday shopping season!

What’s the fantome shopping HUD all about?  In a nut shell, we take the lag and search time out of the shopping experience.  Typical SL shopping entails spending hours looking at the fashion blogs, getting a migraine relying on SL Search, or waiting around for the fashion fairs … which are always lag pergatory (the fashion hunts not being much better).

Our HUDS take you to the top ten locations for women’s hair … no fuss, just an automatic TP right to the best of all SL.  No waits, no hassles!

Of course, the service isn’t free … but it is offered at a horrifically low price … only 99L per HUD!  Less than most things you can buy in SL!

Try us out … we don’t make the items you want to wear … we just show you where they are!

Women’s HairHUD online

fantome online store

Model: Amara Barrymore