If the Suit Fits


Recently, a couple of occasions have come up in SL where a nice mesh outfit would have been nice – but I didn’t the time and energy for a proper shopping odyssey.  Of course – I have a suit, I have lots of them – but there was never the right moment where it became apparent that I needed to upgrade them.  The one below (pre-mesh) was the one I ended up wearing – one that seemed so lifelike when it was released at Redgrave so many years ago (despite the non-resizable cuffs).


My first suit was the one I got “married” in (below), which was pre-sculptie … and never worn again until I posed for this picture.  The divorce party a couple of months later was a great excuse to dress with more flair (apologies are given for having lost those photos after a PC crash & burn).


Working on the fashion HUD project let me to a couple of stores where I knew I would have good luck, so my first stop was FATEwear where a friend helped through their selections.  The demo on the one below was really nice – I really liked the way it fit my body without looking like a malformed shell.


Then we flew over to Kauna where I demo’d this lovely get up; just as fitting, but with the options to mix and match separates (brilliant!).


So, which did I pick?

kaunasuitI picked these lovely separates from Kauna … plaid navy (three pieces – I just didn’t add the vest), with a sky blue shirt, and their checked (#1) accessories.




powershoppingShopping great in Second Life is something that takes a while (or a really patient and fashion conscious friend) to master.  Most of this is because Second Life is really not like the First Life – and we realize this because of the things in the first life we take for granted: media (television, radio, the internet) and organized shopping areas.  In the Real – if I want to look like a GQ model, I know where the high end mall is, and I just drive there, or order things online from retailers and designers I trust.

In second life, those tools just aren’t there and often have to be greatly accentuated by tools in the first life.  Although we can now access internet media in-world, these are still nothing more than a portal back into the first world, and there’s still the problem with organization.  Fashion blogs help a lot – and are still relied on by many fashion conscious residents – but, we’re still quite reliant on the skill, the retail-establishment awareness, and the activeness of any blogger in question.

SL Search is essentially the “yellow-pages” of SL (and about as useful when looking for high-end fashion).  Fashion Hunts, fairs, and update groups fill in the gap, but again, they’re not as instant as those “shopping pangs” might dictate.

To combat this, we at fantôme have come up with a more useful tool, something to assist the fashion conscious male to shop like a fashion blogger! (after the jump)

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