powershoppingShopping great in Second Life is something that takes a while (or a really patient and fashion conscious friend) to master.  Most of this is because Second Life is really not like the First Life – and we realize this because of the things in the first life we take for granted: media (television, radio, the internet) and organized shopping areas.  In the Real – if I want to look like a GQ model, I know where the high end mall is, and I just drive there, or order things online from retailers and designers I trust.

In second life, those tools just aren’t there and often have to be greatly accentuated by tools in the first life.  Although we can now access internet media in-world, these are still nothing more than a portal back into the first world, and there’s still the problem with organization.  Fashion blogs help a lot – and are still relied on by many fashion conscious residents – but, we’re still quite reliant on the skill, the retail-establishment awareness, and the activeness of any blogger in question.

SL Search is essentially the “yellow-pages” of SL (and about as useful when looking for high-end fashion).  Fashion Hunts, fairs, and update groups fill in the gap, but again, they’re not as instant as those “shopping pangs” might dictate.

To combat this, we at fantôme have come up with a more useful tool, something to assist the fashion conscious male to shop like a fashion blogger! (after the jump)

Our answer: Blogger’s Fashion HUD for men.

bloggersFASHIONhud2014This attachable, slightly opaque, wearable HUD – made to resemble an elevator panel – is an easy way to zip back and forth from the busiest retail establishments for men.  Each button represents one of SL’s hottest male design firms in our virtual world – determined by the frequency of use by bloggers, the contemporary fashion of the designs, the quality of products, and the variety of items available (we didn’t want to waste any buttons on stores with one mesh shirt).   To ensure this HUD was completely up to date, we only reviewed stores that either exclusively designed using mesh, or exclusively designed their latest creations in mesh.

Simply attach, push any one of the buttons, and a menu will pop up for the ever-ready shopper:  teleport, or marketplace?  Depending on your shopping preference, both options are available 24/7.  A directory comes with your HUD (also includes in-world LMs for those scripty-laggy days) if you want to go directly to your favorite store.

Shopping great and shopping FAST shouldn’t have to be difficult in SL, and our hope is that we’ve taken the first step in making that experience a lot more enjoyable!  Simply join our group in-world (49L lifetime cost), and then take a copy of the HUD absolutely free!  If you dont’ want to join the group, you can purchase a copy of the HUD in Marketplace.


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