If the Suit Fits


Recently, a couple of occasions have come up in SL where a nice mesh outfit would have been nice – but I didn’t the time and energy for a proper shopping odyssey.  Of course – I have a suit, I have lots of them – but there was never the right moment where it became apparent that I needed to upgrade them.  The one below (pre-mesh) was the one I ended up wearing – one that seemed so lifelike when it was released at Redgrave so many years ago (despite the non-resizable cuffs).


My first suit was the one I got “married” in (below), which was pre-sculptie … and never worn again until I posed for this picture.  The divorce party a couple of months later was a great excuse to dress with more flair (apologies are given for having lost those photos after a PC crash & burn).


Working on the fashion HUD project let me to a couple of stores where I knew I would have good luck, so my first stop was FATEwear where a friend helped through their selections.  The demo on the one below was really nice – I really liked the way it fit my body without looking like a malformed shell.


Then we flew over to Kauna where I demo’d this lovely get up; just as fitting, but with the options to mix and match separates (brilliant!).


So, which did I pick?

kaunasuitI picked these lovely separates from Kauna … plaid navy (three pieces – I just didn’t add the vest), with a sky blue shirt, and their checked (#1) accessories.



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