Welcome to My Home

Phans Crib 1

A few weeks ago, I decided to move close to the Blake Sea … several friends live there, and I was anxious to get back into community-based living, something I thoroughly enjoyed when I was part of the publicity team at the old Costa Rica Sims.  While homes in any of the themed estate groups that participate in the United Sailing Sims aren’t competitively priced, they more than add in value in the fact that you can “live authentically:”  you can spend an afternoon sailing to a friends home (or with a friend), or to any of the events going on in Second Norway, Sailor’s Cove East (where I chose my lot), and many others.  When someone says they’re coming over – expect a wait – they are likely climbing in their boat, and probably won’t teleport.

Once there, I plopped down Barnesworth Anubis’ “Bates House,” which was so reasonably priced at Collabor8 that you’ll see several of them around the Sea.  Since you or one of your friends likely has one in inventory, I won’t bore you with pictures of the house, but I’d like to show you what I’m starting to do with some of the rooms …

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