I’m constantly reinventing myself and my purpose in Second Life … I envy those who have kept one singular purpose since they joined this virtual world eons ago.

I’ve tended to follow what I’m interested in, and I’ve rarely maintained interest in anything for long.  The usual and customary “occupations” in Second Life have never seemed to use the most of my natural talent – writing – and so I’ve made do with what I could: club hosting, fashion blogging, and that loftiest of professions … erotic dancing.

Along the way, I have “lived” in Second Life – complete with some beautiful (and sometimes disastrous) results, and this is the direction I’m moving the blog at this time: an exposition of a virtual life lived, and the lessons learned along the way.

Phantom Republic


Below are some blog headers of a group blog I ran in 2008 and 2009.  This current blog was an attempt at re-creating that, but alas … I’m just not that interested in SL fashion.  To that extent, though, I have elected not to delete posts to this blog – however, following links might lead you to a dead end.  I have not kept them up.


(Old Blog Headers below …)


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